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Colored Egg Farms was started in January of 2007. It began as a hobby with selling baby chickens out of our store and with 3 white leghorn hens. The name came a few months later when we got our first EE's (Easter Eggers, Ameraucanas). They lay shades of green, brown and blue eggs. The tinted eggs or Colored Eggs sounded like an interesting name for a farm so it stuck. The farm started growing in 2008 through my involvement in 4-h and selling Cage Free Eggs. Cage free eggs come from hens that are not confined to cages. We do it more of the old fashion way with hand collecting our eggs and our flooring is totally covered with sawdust for dust bathing. We also sell Free Range Eggs which come from outside birds. They are free to pasture and only get feed to supplement there foraging. Colored Egg Farms does not use artificial hormones or antibiotics and tries to stay as clean and green as possible. We eat our own eggs and use the bedding as fertilizer for our gardens so using artificial hormones and antibiotics are out of the question.

About Us